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12 Pocket Tool Roll

Store, protect and organize your carving tools and chisels with this heavy denim Tool Roll. The 12 pockets are off-set so the tools nest between each other when the pouch is rolled. Heavy duty stitching and quality materials ensure a long life for this handy tool protector. Large size is great for bench chisels and full size carving tools.  Small roll works well with carving knives, palm tools and miniature tools.

Large Roll:
12" wide x 22" overall length
Small Roll: 8" wide x 19" overall length

Tools not included

wpeCE.jpg (7731 bytes)
Small Tool Roll.jpg (9597 bytes)
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
WD-302 Large 12 Pocket Tool Roll $22.50  Add to Cart
WD-303 Small 12 Pocket Tool Roll $18.50 Add to Cart




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wpe19A.jpg (5012 bytes) Scraper with prepared edges

The best quality professional scrapers have always had edges ground smooth at the factory.  This extra detail makes the tool easier to burnish and the resulting edge is sharper and longer lasting.  Two Cherries has brought back this traditional tool to replace the discontinued Sandvik #475.   Hardened to RC 54.
2 3/8" x 5 7/8"

Not familiar with scrapers?   This scraper article does more than scratch the surface!

Stock Number Description Price Purchase


Scraper with prepared edges


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Scraper Set Web.jpg (8604 bytes) 3 Pc Scraper Set in Leather Wallet

This sturdy suede wallet holds three German steel scrapers, each protect by internal dividers. Your burnished blades will be protect while stored or transported to the work site.  The set includes the most popular scrapers including rectangular, concave/convex and gooseneck styles.  The wallet is heavy suede leather reinforced with metal rivets at stress points.

This set makes an excellent gift!


Stock Number Price Purchase
3 Pc Scraper Set in Leather Wallet 520-5575 $43.95 Add to Cart


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Burnishers.jpg (60294 bytes) Burnishers

A necessary tool for turning a burr, or cutting edge, on scrapers.   Three styles are available, round for curved scrapers, oval for curved and straight scrapers, and triangle for straight edge scrapers.  Made in Germany by Two Cherries. If you use primarily straight edge scrapers, we recommend the triangle style burnisher. 

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
520-5080 Oval Burnisher $32.90 Add to Cart
520-5085 Triangular Burnisher $27.40 Add to Cart
520-5090 Round Burnisher $22.35 Add to Cart



Glue Scraper

This sturdy glue scraper features a 12" cast iron handle and a hardened high carbon steel blade. The 2 3/8" square blade has two beveled edges for removing glue from joined boards and other general scraping operations. 

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
309-7001 Glue Scraper $44.95 Add to Cart
309-7002 Scraper Blade $5.95 Add to Cart



Brass Caliper

This handy little tool will measure objects up to 4" (100mm).  Small enough to fit in the craftsman's pocket so it's always ready to use.  Precisely machined from solid brass.   Calibrated in metric and inch scales.

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
885-2050 Brass Caliper $11.40 Add to Cart


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Angle checker.gif (41252 bytes)

Angle Checker

This handy, solid brass gauge is great for checking the critical bevel angles on chisels, carving tools, plane irons and other edge tools.  Bevel angles play a crucial roll in determining the edge retention, sharpness and performance of all cutting tools.  This simple tool helps you get it right. Includes 12 common bevel angles.


Stock Number Description Price Purchase


Brass Angle Checker


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Accessories Page 2


Ordering Information E-mail Us 720-502-6687


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