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bd14565_.gif (183 bytes)  Woodworking Books and DVD's  


Two Cherries Sharpening DVD

Now you can look over the shoulder of old world professional carver and teacher Wolfgang Korotkow as he demonstrates the proper techniques for sharpening workshop edge tools. Clear close-up video shows step-by-step procedures for achieving the sharp edge that fine craftsmanship demands.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction to tools and sharpening equipment,
  • sharpening carving tools,
  • plane irons, chisels and knives,
  • rebuilding a damaged edge and more.
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
524-7500 Two Cherries Sharpening DVD $23.95 Add to Cart



Hand Tools by Frank Klausz
Tuning and Using Chisels, Planes and Saws

Tuning chisels, planes and saws and learning how to use them properly can make your woodworking a hands-on pleasure. These tools can bring a refinement to your work that machines alone cannot produce.  In this DVD you will learn how to:

  • Sharpen a chisel within minutes
  • Rehabilitate flea market tools
  • Flatten the bottom of a plane
  • Set and sharpen a handsaw
  • Hold and use a hand plane
  • Pare accurately with a chisel
  • Saw straight and smoothly

European trained master craftsman Frank Klausz takes you through the step-by-step hand tool techniques guaranteed to make you a better woodworker. 60 minutes, DVD format.



Stock Number Description Price Purchase
FK-DVD Klausz Hand Tools $19.95  



The Complete Guide to Sharpening

Everything you have wanted to know about sharpening and a whole lot more!  This book is filled with   step-by-step instructions for sharpening all the tools in your shop.  You will discover why the correct edge shape is the key to it's sharpness and which equipment is best for your sharpening needs.  Rediscover the pleasure of working with sharp tools.   The Complete Guide to Sharpening shows you how. Soft Cover

wpe190.jpg (23977 bytes)
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
470-7020 The Complete Guide to Sharpening $22.95 Add to Cart


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Sharpening Simplified

Award winning figure carver Everett Ellenwood has developed a unique, easy to learn sharpening technique for carving tools and knives. With this clear, easy to understand DVD you too can perfect these skills and be on your way to enjoying the pleasures of carving with razor sharp tools. 110 minutes, DVD Format

In this DVD you will learn about:

  • Sharpening Positions
  • Honing Stones and Sharpening Equipment
  • Carving Knives
  • Gouges/Veiners
  • Flat Chisels
  • V Tools
  • Micro Tools
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
EE-DVD Sharpening Simplified $24.95 Add to Cart



Butz Book.jpg (75826 bytes) How to Carve Wood

This well illustrated and complete book will guide woodcarvers of all levels through a wide variety of techniques and projects.  The chapter headings below show what you will learn from this great reference.  Soft Cover.

Chapters include:

  • Tools and Work Space
  • Sharpening
  • Woods and Finishes
  • Design
  • Chip Carving
  • Relief Carving
  • Wildlife Carving
  • Lettering
  • Architectural Carving
  • Whittling
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
HTCW-1 How To Carve Wood $19.95 Add to Cart


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The Woodworkers Guide to Hand Tools

Here is the best guide to the use and care of all the hand tools found in the modern woodshop. You will learn: which tools are essential for your shop, what each tool is used for, how to use tools efficiently and how to tune up tools for top performance. This is an essential reference for every woodworker!   Soft bound, 201 pages.
Korn Book.jpg (68573 bytes)
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
WGHT-1 Woodworkers Guide to Hand Tools $22.95 Add to Cart 



wpe1A2.jpg (9362 bytes)

Turning Wood

Master turner Richard Raffan takes you through all of the important aspects of woodturning.  This exceptional book covers tools, techniques, between centers and faceplate turning, sanding, finishing and many professional tips and tricks.  Owning this book is like having a pro at your side as you explore the fascinating craft of wood turning.  Soft cover, 165 pages.

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
TW-1 Turning Wood $24.95 Add to Cart 



Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking

Two of Tage Frid's classic volumes combined into one convenient paperback edition.  This step-by-step guidebook covers a wide range of information on joinery, shaping, veneering and finishing.   The techniques are carefully demonstrated with instructions keyed to sharp, close-up photographs and clear, informative illustrations.  The first section covers joinery: how to make a wide variety of joints with hand tools and machines, and how to select the right joinery for each application.  The second part of the book continues the demonstration of essential woodworking techniques: bending, shaping, carving, turning, veneering, inlay and finishing. Frid has packed more than 50 years of practical woodworking experience into this one great volume.

Frid.jpg (25638 bytes)
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
TF-1 Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking  $29.95 Add to Cart 



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