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bd14565_.gif (183 bytes)    Hand Saws  


English Dovetail Saw

This premium brass back saw has a very fine twenty teeth per inch blade which is stiffened by a heavy brass back. The pistol grip beechwood handle fits comfortably in the hand and is secured to the blade with three solid brass cap screws. The crosscut teeth work well both across and with the grain making this saw perfect for dovetails and other small joints. 8" blade length, 2 1/4" depth of cut.
20200     8" x  20 tpi English Dovetail Saw   $79.95

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English "Gents" Saw

This small brass back saw has a very fine eighteen teeth per inch blade which is stiffened by a heavy brass back. The nicely turned hardwood handle fits comfortably in the hand and is reinforced by a solid brass ferrule. Cutting dovetails and other small joints is a pleasure with this fine saw. 8" blade length.

Small Dovetail Saw.jpg (30255 bytes)
645-1000     8" x  19 tpi English Gents Saw   $29.95

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Dozuki Saw

These Japanese back saws cut on the pull stroke which puts the blade in tension during the cut. This feature allows the manufacturer to use a thin, very sharp fine tooth blade with minimum set. The results are extraordinary. The ease and accuracy of cut are unparalleled by even the finest Western style saw.   Dozuki saws excel at very fine cutting such as joinery and accurate trim work. Use one and you will wonder how you worked without it.

The Large Razor Saw has a replaceable 18 tpi x 1 3/4" wide x 9 1/2" long blade with an overall length of 21". 

720-1550 Razor Saw   $59.75

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720-1555 Replacement Blade    $25.95   

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Compact Dozuki Saws
We offer a selection of smaller Dozuki backsaws for precise cutting and trimming applications. All cut on the pull stroke. See descriptions below.

A) Razor Saw
This saw shares the same basic design elements with traditional Japanese saws.  Instead of  a wrapped handle, this model features a comfortably contoured plastic grip. The 17 teeth per inch blade is replaceable and has a 7 cutting edge.  The overall length of the saw is 18.  An affordable saw that is excellent for fine, precise cuts in hard and soft woods. 

770-3500 Compact Razor Saw  $29.20

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770-3510 Replacement Blade   $18.80  

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(B) Small Dozuki Z Saw
This compact Dozuki has fine teeth and will cut through hardwoods as easily as softwoods. 

The traditional handle is wrapped with rattan for a secure, comfortable grip.

The 6 blade has 18 teeth per inch. Overall length is 14. Replaceable blade. 

150-0023  Dozuki "Z" Saw $32.50

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150-0033 Replacement Blade   $16.50  

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(C) Fine Cut Dozuki Backsaw
A unique backsaw for the finest cuts. The extra fine blade has 20 teeth per inch and like all Japanese saws, cuts on the pull stroke. The comfortable Bubinga  handle feels good in the hand and looks great!
6 blade with 20 teeth per inch. Overall length is 13. Replaceable blade.

250-8001 Fine Cut Dozuki Saw $24.50


250-8002 Replacement Blade  $15.00



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Inlay Saw

This small saw is handy for cutting veneer, fret slots, inlay and more.  The thin, stiff blade has a 3" curved cutting edge with 20 teeth per inch which allows cuts in the center of the work. The teeth have no set so this saw can be used with a straight edge for precision inlay and cutting thin materials. Brass back and ferrule, beechwood handle. Overall length: 7 1/2". Depth of cut: 3/4". Made in England

645-5000  Inlay Saw   $25.95

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Veneer Saw

The cutting edge of this tool is a combination of saw teeth and a knife edge. This unique cutting edge resists following the grain and makes cross grain cuts neat and tear-free. The handle is off-set to provide hand clearance. 2" wide x 3" long blade. 8 1/2" overall.
Made by Crown Tools in Sheffield England.

Honing a bevel on the outside of the cutting edge is required. The bevel should be on the same side of the blade as the cast metal brace. The other side is left flat so it can follow the straight edge accurately and leave a square cut on the veneer's edge. 


20195  Veneer Saw $25.95

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